Sea, Sun and Surf

There is such a thing as the Australian dream. And how relaxing ! Sea, sun, and surf for those more capable than I am !

This week, we played in the sand, swam briefly in a rather cold and agitated sea, visited Sydney and discovered the ocean water pools. We very much liked Manly, Little Manly, Shelley beach and Bronte.  brontealvarwaveAustine5beachaustineAustineLala

We walked up the Coast to Coogee from Bronte, and briefly checked out Bondi Beach.coogee

The kids  got splashed by the immense waves at Curl Curl and Freshwater, as the waves pounded the reefs after a storm.


And these were but a few of the beautiful places surrounding Sydney.

We took the children to the (great) Aquariums (both of them) as the weather was sometimes too stormy to play outside.

We climbed the stairs of the Opera house

alvar opera9 opera14


and took a stroll in the Royal Botanical gardens.


I think I am going to send this picture to the people in charge of the Luxembourg gardens 😉

We rested in our comfy house, while the children played on the trampoline or chased the lizards in the garden. A welcomed break for everyone after so many weeks on the road.

trampoline3 trampoline2

In short, we loved Sydney.

It is now time to pack (again !) and get ready for the Australian Western Coast and 8 (likely shorts) nights of adventure in a motorhome. Alvar is really excited about the “house on wheels”. Let’s hope he likes it.

Home Sweet Rented Home

After all the nights spent in hotels and lodges, after all the hours spent in cars and planes, we are all very happy to spend some time in “our” house in Sydney, a family home near Manly Beach.

A nice garden, toys and bunk beds for the kids, home cooked meals, a laundry machine… everything we needed.

A child’s work is play, this is all they have been doing here. The Australian way of life.

house body duo body2 swing


How to make a boat, by Alvar

First, you take some wood. You then find some palm tree leaves and weave them to do a sail then take more to attach the wood together then for the sail you find a twig that has a shape of a Y. Then you stick the V piece on the sail and the I piece on a hole in the woods you stuck before then you find a big wave and bye bye boat


The end, love, Alvar 

inspired by Vendredi ou la vie sauvage, Michel Tournier

boat2 boat


Any questions 😉 … ?

Going to Sydney


A cliche picture, but I could not resist the urge ! It reminded us how isolated and remote New Zealand is as we were going to catch our plane to Sydney.

We are now in Manly Beach, which is not bad either 😉 more pics in 2 of 3 days, when we get access to Wi-Fi again.

Alvar’s arts and crafts

A few samples of Alvar’s creations. New Zealand has been a great inspiration for us all with its beautiful driftwood and pebbles. Also, we’ve read Robinson Crusoe, which gave us many ideas on how to make things from scratch.

Soon, a post on “How to make a boat” by Alvar.


From above

No words will describe what we saw today. “Alfie”, the pilote responsible for the aerial shots of “Lord of the rings”, took us from Queenstown to Milford Sound, with a stop at the top of a snowy peak. Here are some pictures of the view from up there.

We’ll soon add brief samples of this unforgettable trip in the New Zealand sky.



Also, a short cruise into Milford Sound, with sea lions and dolphins, and a very powerful fall.

falls falls3 boat