Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Death Valley

We just got back from a short trip in the West.

We briefly enjoyed the luxury and the craziness of Vegas, drove through Arizona to the Grand Canyon for one memorable glimpse of the Colorado River…


…and back to California for three full days in Death Valley. We saw unexpected snow on top of Joshua trees, played hide and seek in golden sand dunes…


met a couple of friendly coyotes,


and traveled back in time to the Gold Rush era.




Eureka Mines

Geology is now Alvar’s favorite topic and Austine brought back a Mountain Lion toy as her new best friend.

86m below sea level


Alvar in Mosaic Canyon


Austine in Mosaic Canyon


From Emigrant Pass


To Aguereberry Point

“In wilderness, people can sense being part of the whole community of life on Earth. Preserving wilderness shows restraint and humility, and benefits generations to come.”

1964 Wilderness Act.

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Death Valley

    • Thank you Barry. Happy New Year to Rachel, yourself, the children and the twins. Hope everyone is doing great. Xxxx. D

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