a week in Hawaii – by Alvar

Hello I am Alvar and we are now spending a week in Hawaii. Yesterday we went on a beach and saw a little spring of fresh water. It was cold but it was all right. When we came back we saw a monk seal and came home. The next day we went to “baby beach” and we could see fishes in small pools. Then we ate pizza. After lunch we went into a canyon, and onto a really fun beach with lots of waves. The water was warm and it was sunset time. We had a great day.




PS: the seal is having some rest, not dead !

3 thoughts on “a week in Hawaii – by Alvar

  1. Thank you Alvar.with your parents,you seem to have discovered a beautiful and interesting place.your monk seal looks like an old rag ! And you look like a real “explorateur” how exciting! I have never seen a forest like the one on the photo.hope you will find lots of other places of interest,and wish you a wonderful holiday,with lots of love Maï

  2. Quel étrange forêt, Alvar, que cette forêt hawaiienne qui semble t’envelopper complètement
    comme si le soleil n’y pénétrait plus. Mais il y a la mer, ce vaste espace,
    qui compense largement et devant laquelle tu aimes bien te retrouver.
    Profites-en bien avant l’arrivée des jours plus gris de l’automne.


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