Running under the rain

Fall has arrived in the Pacific North West.

It has been raining cats and dogs last week. Non Stop. Days and nights and days again. I thought I was mentally prepared for this. Aren’t we used to the mud an the cold rain of Normandy ? Didn’t we survive the London drizzle ? Yes. But this rain was much more water than I could possibly imagine.

Some Seattlelite told us it is typical, some others said it is an exceptionally big storm…Whatever this may be, we soon realized that we would have to get wet if we did not want to spend the winter locked in.

So despite of the 100% chances of rain, we took Alvar to his “Cross-country” meet.


He bravely made his 0.4 miles of running in the mud, and we were all soaking wet, proud and happy. It was really energizing to see all these families and children running like crazy despite the terrible weather.




And sometimes, after the rain, comes a rainbow !


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