So long Australia !

Back in Sydney after a week in Western Australia and 36 hours in the red center.

We went to see the Pinnacles, driving from Perth to Cervantes, enjoying sand dunes, endless beaches and bush-lands on the way. We also shared the road with the famous road-trains (55 meter long trucks), porcupines, emus and kangaroos.

Dunes4 Dunes9


For a change, after so many outdoors experiences, we visited the juvenile block of the Fremantle prison which was a rather creepy experience. Children from 8 to 17 were detained in those tiny cells (2.5m x 1.5m), until the 90’s.

Prison5 prison9

Last Thursday flew out of Perth to Alice Springs. After a night there, we hit the road for a 5 hour trip into the red center. As it was 6 in the morning when we left, the children were fast asleep at the back of the car until we got to “Rainbow Valley” and enjoyed a camp-style breakfast. Another 3 hours and we were right in the middle of Australia, facing this famous, mysterious rock : Uluru.

wakingup breakfast

Before heading out, we asked ourselves if it was worth two flights and a 6 hour drive to see, well, a big rock in the middle of nowhere. Seeing it from a distance and then, standing near the rock’s walls, we can say without a doubt that the trip is well worth it. There is definitely something special about this place, mysterious and powerful.pointing

The rock is like a magnet in this empty space. Temperature rises above 35 degrees, even in late Autumn. The sun is hitting hard on you, so you just instinctively want to protect yourself in the rock’s shade. You want to go closer and touch its surface as this block of material looks surreal in the middle of this emptiness. And once close, you can almost fell it live.


The only sign of life was millions of flies (they were so many, in order to walk, we protected ourselves with Muji travel cases).

baghead3 baghead

After a night at the Ayers Rock Resort, where we gazed at the most starry sky we ever saw, we were all a little relieved to fly away from this sandy, almost hostile, furnace.

Tomorrow, we are flying back in time. Leaving Sydney around 8pm on Sunday, we will reach Honolulu at 8am the same day. One more day of fun !

5 thoughts on “So long Australia !

  1. Quelle belle aventure…
    Vos photos et descriptions sont magiques !
    Quel changement cela sera avec Honolulu !!
    Arthur, tu vas en avoir des choses à raconter avec tes camarades de classe ! Est-ce que tu prends les photos avec maman ? Qu’as-tu préféré au cours des deux dernières semaines ? Je pense bcp à vous ! Profitez bien de vos deux dernières semaines.

  2. Dites-nous un peu ce que vous portez sur la tête devant Uluru? Vous vous protégez des moustiques peut-être? Mais alors, qu’en est-il d’Austine qui n’en porte pas? Naturellement immunisée…?

  3. Merci pour ce magnifique “post” Sommes sur la route du retour et nous arrêtons deux jours à Parme loveà vous tous Maî

  4. Stunning photos!
    Haha Muji travel cases!!
    The photo with Dona, Alvar with the masks, Austine is like, ‘Meh, moi Ies mouches elles ne me font pas peur, my tiny fingers are the perfect size to flip them off my nose! Muahaha.
    Aww at the pic where Alvar is stretching! Just woken up Mr President?? 🙂

  5. Je me répète: photos magnifiques; tant du point de vue technique qu’artistique (pour autant qu’il soit possible de distinguer les deux): Alvar et Austine sont très photogéniques.
    Cela vous va bien les vacances… 🙂
    Vous embrasse,

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