Home Sweet Rented Home

After all the nights spent in hotels and lodges, after all the hours spent in cars and planes, we are all very happy to spend some time in “our” house in Sydney, a family home near Manly Beach.

A nice garden, toys and bunk beds for the kids, home cooked meals, a laundry machine… everything we needed.

A child’s work is play, this is all they have been doing here. The Australian way of life.

house body duo body2 swing


3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Rented Home

  1. Austine’s teeth!!! 😀 Yay to trying more solid food from now on! I hope they don’t hurt your gums too much!
    And aww at ‘home cooked meals, a laundry machine’ =)

    • Yep, lots of teeth coming out ! 4 by 4, with a rather grumpy baby for a few days if you remember 😦 and sticking to the basics : pasta, rice, chicken and fries. A real backpacker diet ! Hope everything is fine in the UK. Lots of love.

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