Happy Birthday Austine

Austine turned 2 today. We had a good time celebrating together in Kaikoura.

Here are some pictures of her special day. Joyeux anniversaire puce.

With all our love. Mummy, Daddy and Alvar.Bday4


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Austine

  1. Bonne fête Austine. Nous t’embrassons chaleureusement et te souhaitons pour aujourd’hui tout l’amour disponible sur cette terre.

    Hélène et Suzanne.

  2. Happy birthday to youuuuu Austiiiiiiiiine! How I wish I was there to celebrate your birthday! I hope you had a lot of fun and I am sure you had a huge bite of this yummm cake, omnomnom 😀 you are now two!! This is such a fun age to reach, enjoy every moment of it ma petite ‘stine! Haha cheeky Alvar casually opening your gifts while you’re not looking 😛
    Are these little froggies new? Rebbep rebbep! Lots of love, Shilpa xxx

  3. J’espère qu’Austine à passé un bel anniversaire! On lui souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire (brélâtes) pour ses 2 ans.
    Bises de nous 4.

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