Facts I learned during my trip

– crocodiles live in warm places because they are cold-blooded;
– in captivity, they can live up to a hundred years ;



– cassowaries are an endangered species (but I was lucky enough to spot 4 specimens in the rainforest !)


– the Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2300 km ;


– giant squids catch their prey by their tentacles, then they eat it using their beak ;

– Japanese macaque can live up to 30 years. They eat cicadas (looks like a beattle) ; sperm whale eat giant squids ;



– New Zealand is set between the Indian-Australian and Pacific plates. This situation explains all the volcanic activity. For that reason, they are called the shaky-islands ;

– in volcanic areas, the rotten egg smell comes from sulphur ;


– the Maori people arrived in New Zealand by boat. They called the island “Aotearoa”, meaning “land of the long white cloud”.


This is a sample of what I learned during the last few days.
Huggs and kisses. Alvar.

3 thoughts on “Facts I learned during my trip

  1. J’ai tenté hier de transmettre une carte d’anniversaire virtuelle à Austine via l’adresse gmail de Dona.
    Mais peut-être n’a t-elle jamais franchi le Pacifique.
    Quoi qu’il en soit, bon anniversaire Austine.
    Je t’embrasse très fort.


  2. Mon chéri

    Grace à toi,nous apprenons plein de choses,mais “ton crocodile”au sang froid me fait une peur bleue.quel âge peut il avoir,sur la photo?continuent ils à grossir tout au long de leur vie? Je n.avais jamais vu de cassowaries peuvent ils voler? Y a t il beaucoup de macaques japonais? Hier,j’ai vu un document à la TV qui disait que les koalas disparaissent à la vitesse grandV.beaucoup se font écraser.on nous montrait un hôpital oû ils se font soigner And what about snakes.have you seen any?please don’t send me a photo! You started your big adventure just a month ago.Imagine what remains to be seen of this wonderful world,during another month and a half. Enjoy yourself,have a good time. We think of you several times every day,and send you all our best love MAÏ

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