A Great Day on the Great Barrier Reef

On Friday, we left the kangaroos (feeding the Wallabies), the forest and the crocodiles (feeding the Salties) behind us to explore the Great Barrier Reef.

A helicopter flew us there (board short flight). This was a first for me, Alvar and Austine.


We flew to a big platform in the middle of the ocean, with everything you need to dive, snorkel, and discover the corals, even a semi-submersible, which was great for Austine who also had her share of “enorme(ous)” fish (one of her new words, she practiced everytime a fish passed by the window).



Alvar has been brave and snorkelled for the first time. He loved it so much, we had to force him out of the water, shivering with excitment, cold and tiredness.


The cruise back to Cairns was another great way to enjoy the amazing North-Eastern coast of Australia.


Next stop, Auckland, New-Zealand.

4 thoughts on “A Great Day on the Great Barrier Reef

  1. Good day mates! Well done for snorkeling Alvar! 😀 And Austine has a new word! Did she make the little fish face(she makes when we would say hello to Raspberry) when she saw the bigger fishes? I bet that must have been fascinating! Aww at the last photo, so precious! ❤ and Austine's little grumpy face 😛 Have fun! Gros calin aux petits Boos =) Shilpa xx

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