To my friends in les Etoiles de Mer at The Gower School

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and learning great things with Miss Kelleher and Miss Ritchie. I saw that you were skipping like crazy to raise money for the heart foundation. I am sure you skipped very high !

I have arrived in Tokyo, capital of Japan, four days ago. I have visited several places like the Tower of Tokyo (looks a bit like the Eiffel Tower), and I went to Ueno Zoo where I saw pandas, bears, elephants, seals and a polar bear. I can also see the famous Shinkanzen from the window in our hotel room.

I also visited the Ueno Museum where I learnt about the Great Fire of Edo. I thought about what we learned in les Etoiles de Mer, about the Great fire of London, so I wrote a little recount to share with you. I also wrote a little text on the Samurai and another one on a temple I visited in Hong-Kong. It would be great if you could let me know what you think about my writing.

I miss you. Hugs and kisses to everyone. Lots of Love.


7 thoughts on “To my friends in les Etoiles de Mer at The Gower School

  1. Comme tu as l’air studieux ! On apprend un tas de trucs grâce à tes petits “posts”. Un vrai régal.
    Je suis certaine que tes camarades de classe seront contents de recevoir de tes nouvelles et qu’ils apprécieront que tu penses à eux.
    Tu sais, ici il se passe un peu moins de choses. Mais nous avons tout de même acheté notre cuisine hier car l’entrepreneur qui s’occupe des travaux dans la maison va la poser cette semaine ou la semaine prochaine au plus tard. Elle sera toute grise… Sinon, Arthur se porte à merveille. Il grandit vite, comme Austine qui est ravissante sur les photos. Olivia a passé son Flocon et Max est un pro du ski.
    A bientôt.

      • HI Alvar, I bet you are having fun. I love your photos and your neat handwriting!
        Are you enjoying the food? The squid looked yukky love Louis Thorp

      • Hi Louis, sorry I did not reply sooner. It was really cool to read your comment. Yes, I am having fun. I really liked when I did some snorkelling for instance. It was worth spending that much time in planes, cars and trains. I did not try the squid on a stick, but children were having them for their after school snack… Yuck !
        Are you still enjoying football games with Lucas, Isaac and Arion ? I hope you are having a nice Easter holiday. Take care, love, Alvar

  2. Wow Alvar, it looks like you are doing lots of amazing learning! Lilia learned that 100,000 people died in the fire. Lexi loved all of your photographs. None of us knew that the Great Fire had happened and also that it was just 9 years before the Great Fire of London!

    We are looking forward to reading more about your travels and sending you some more messages soon!

    We miss you too!

    Les Etoiles de Mer

    • Thank you for your message and for looking at my pictures. I will keep on learning things and share as much as I can with you. Best wishes, Alvar.
      PS: how was it to meet with a real police officer ?

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