The Peak

Great day in HK ! We had a good night despite the jetlag. As we woke up late, we decided to go to the nearest attraction : the peak. The tram took us on a very steep slope up to a summit where you get a wonderful view and fresh air !
Back to the city center we walked until we found a charming local market where we bought fruits and pastries, some of them we never saw before. A fishmonger gave Alvar a toad tied to a leach … poor weird thing (video). The children loved it as well as the half hour we spent in a small park, playing on the slide and swings (video). We then went back to the hotel, on the Star ferry. I really liked the market. Simple, but real and much more exotic than the hundreds of Prada and Gucci shops.
Tomorrow, we will take a ferry to Lamma Island : fishing villages, seafood restaurants, beaches and a family trail should make our day.



2 thoughts on “The Peak

  1. Le crapaud est trop drôle,et le rire d’Austine sur la balançoire résonne jusqu’ici(Aigues mortes),trés jolie petite ville enfermée dans ses remparts.ici tout va bien,bonne visite des iles demain ,love Mai

    • Mai,

      J’aimerais bien voir quelques photos d’Aigues Mortes. Elle a un drôle de nom cette ville! De mon côté, je vais t’envoyer des photos de l’île de Lamma.

      A bientôt,


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