I must admit, I was wrong.


For many of us, including myself, redeeming airline loyalty points is an epic battle not for the faint of heart that requires strategy (selecting the right order of flight segments and correctly estimating advance purchase windows), patience (countless hours over the phone, most of that time on hold), resiliency (changing routes and flight times to seek those rare available seats) and defeat (ending up paying for the flights you wishfully thought you wouldn’t have to).

This was not the case. Quite the contrary. With two phone calls, I was able to redeem 358,000 of my hard earned Avios points and get tickets for 5 of the 6 routes I asked for. The BA executive club reservation agents even conducted all the research offline, sparing me hours of airline jingle music.

So thank you BA, and your kind and knowledgeable agents, for proving me wrong.

PS: for those wondering how far an Avios point can take you nowadays, 358,000 points gets you four tickets (2 adults and 2 children) for the following journeys:

  • Paris to Hong Kong
  • Hong-Kong to Tokyo
  • Sydney to Honolulu
  • Honolulu to New-York City
  • New-York City to Paris (via London)


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